You should laugh, so you don't cry.

Today was another interesting day. They always are for me.
Getting over someone, is the hardest thing I have had to do these past four months.. I thought it wouldn't be this hard, but since I have never gone through it, I didn't expect what I have been going through. Oh well, though. Life will get easier. It will just take me a long time to trust a guy again.
"Laugh so you don't cry" by Andy Davis. Has helped me. A LOT lately.. & through this whole thing. He really is great.
My friends, also, play a huge part in my "getting better". I love you all, dearly.
I hope your day went well :) I am going to go read now.



  1. Hello Rychelle. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Its real, and its you. so yep. I like it. Keep blogging.


  2. Thank you, lovely.
    I appreciate you!! :)