Sunshine :)

Hello :)
It has been ages since I have written in my blog. A LOT has happened! But, unfortunatly I am not willing to share. It is too personal. Although, I will tell you that I have missed providing a reading service for you, if that is what my blog is to you :) & if it is, thank you. A lot has happened, and a lot has changed. Good, and bad, but that is how life is going to be. You can't have the good without the bad settling in first, and I have discovered that these past few months. Life is changing for me, and it is quite hard. I am resting in the arms of my saviour though :) I am so thankful for Him.
I hope your summer has been beautiful :) and that you are enjoying that gorgeous sunshine. I hope if you are stepping into a new phase, a new chapter in your life, that you are comforted by friends and family, because it is tough. I ALSO hope that you have found love, and not just a "him" or "her". But a love for something you have a passion for. Love for painting, love for singing, love for that special someone :)
I will talk to you soon, friend.

LOVE somebody today.