Love someone

Hey everybody.. whoever is out there, reading this.. I sometimes feel, this is just going out to a big empty void.. but I still like doing it.

Happy new year, folks. Happy new year. I'm sitting in my kitchen, at 2am, waiting for pizza to come sitting with 3 lovely ladies that I adore. It's peaceful & I thought of my blog. Yes, my fellow readers, I thought of you :)
I hope this year is a good one. New beginning. Fresh beginning. Although to think of it, it's just the day after yesterday, & not much has changed even though the date is now 2010.

I encourage you to love someone. Today, tomorrow, & yesterday. Be the change, folks. Be the change. (Yes today, i'm repeating myself) It's the way things are :)

Love you all. My heart goes out to YOU.
Yes, you.

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