Green houses and butterflies

Good day, folks.
Hope your day is going great! Mine is, thanks :)
Hmmm, this morning at like 2, I had a sudden urge to write on here.. but I was too lazy to get up & come to my computer. ha... so here I am now.. :)
This is what's up. I have found a new passion! I want to take some environmental courses :) Also, some peace & conflict resolution classes! And, the university I am attending next year, offers them :) I'm really excited, because I get excited when I talk about it. I am still going to take some music theory classes, but I could somehow work music & my environmental skills together ;)
It will be good, for sure.
I hope your heart is doing well. I hope you are taking it easy. Celebrate reality, because sometimes, reality is the best thing. I know, I have said reality isn't the best, but when your heart is happy, reality is good, because after all.. it's the real deal. It's not fake.

Live high! High, on love, my friends.

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