Random? :)

It's really nice to just be with friends :) I really miss it. Life is so hectic lately, I forget to be with people who I love... & who love me (I hope) haha :)
Girl movie nights are needed! I feel like a kid again.. laughing at nothing.. dancing to some hip hop (mhmm, I can shake my booty) :) HA! It's great!
I can't forget the Starbucks.. tea :) Thank you Jesus, for tea.
I honeslty don't think there is anything better than sitting in front of a fire, drinking tea & reading a book :) If you stress out lots, you should try that! I can guarantee, it will calm you right down to serenity.
Music. Where should I go with it? I'm thinking of writing some solid music, & putting myself out there.. what do you think? I enjoy music.
As for boys, guys, men (whatever you want to call them) i'm not really liking any! It's really nice, cause I can go out & look bad, & not really care. Mhmmm :) NOT care. Well, I still try to look my best though ;) Never know.. haha.
I need a job. Actually.
hehe :) I'm quite happy right now!
Have you ever wondered, when you will get married? I do. & I wonder who I will get married too! haha. kind of random sometimes :)
I love Jesus, with all my heart. He is the reason for the season, people :) Not SANTA.
You know what would be perfect? A snowfall kind of love.. snowfalls are so pretty. When you go outside & catch snowflakes on your tounge, that moment of peace is perfect. The first snowfall brings people to their windows :) It's something veryyyyy special, I would say.
One final thing, I like you.

That is all.