My tired heart, is beating so slow.

Sometimes, my mind races at night, and I simply cannot sleep. Do you ever get that? I hope not, because it really isn't fun. At all.
Why do I think about these things at night? Why is my motivation level so much higher? Inspiration; I feel it more strongly at night. I've asked myself so many times, why this happens.. but that causes me to think more, which makes it even harder to fall asleep. But, I like it. Weird, I know.. but life just seems so much more real in the late hours.. confusing, huh? Yea. I know. That's how my life is right now! Confusing. My heart is slowly healing, and i'm able to look past the last guy that was in my life. He is just a memory now, slowly fading.. & I am so thankful for that.
I am content in the state I am in though. Because I know I deserve SO much better than what I went through, and my amazing friends helped me realize that. I am letting God write my love story. I am going to be patient.
It feels good to vent. Why don't I write in here more often? Even if nobody is reading this, it feels good to let it go.
I hope that you get all of your hearts desires. That you are filled with joy, and that everyday you are able to sing a new song. With love. That's what I wish for you.

Take care of yourself, because YOU deserve it. You do.