Who am I?

I'm rethinking my life, & i'm not impressed.
The way i've been thinking lately is different, & I am quite confused. I have passions that I need to fulfill. I just want to sing. Nothing else. I want to travel for the rest of my life doing what I love best. I performed for the first time on Saturday for a wedding, and I love the attention. I feel so selfish, but I loved it. The whole night people were coming up to me, saying how great I did.. and it made me.. feel good about myself & I was happy.
.. But will I make it is the question? Should I go into with this mindset? Prob not. ugggh.
My life is taking a turn.. but it just doesn't seem for the better. It doesn't. This is something I want, but i'm not happy. Lately, my heart has been hurting.. & I have no clue why.
I'm not exactly sure what to do.. & i'm trying to figure things out. My heart is confused. I want to run away. I want to escape, & figure out what i'm feeling. But reality hits, & I know I can't.
I wouldn't mind getting lost for a bit. Re evaluate my life.. & re evaluate me. ME. I don't know who I am anymore. I feel disconnected, but yet, I don't. It's stressful.
I guess I just need time?