Oh what a day is today.

It's crazy! I was so sure that I had my life planned out.. I have a change of heart. I want to do the Mp3 program at my church next fall.. it's like a leadership course that is 3 months long. I want to do it now, and I definitely did not have a to desire a couple of weeks ago.
I'm so happy too! I love it! I really do :) I'm so content with my life right now, it's satisfying.
I went on a leadership retreat with my school this past week, and I had a huge change of heart. It's amazing how Gods love can make you feel inside. The feeling I had when I first accepted Christ, I have again. It's the best feeling in the world.
It also feels good to write in my blog again... I haven't for a while.. And I think of doing it everday, but never have time. I am going to make time now because I LOVE IT!
Life is good. I'm happy.. and quite frankly, not sure how it can get any better than this! :)
Well, maybe it could.. without all the homework.

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