embrace, love and wait.

The snow is falling, landing around me in every direction.. i'm surrounded by the earthly thing I love most. The first snow fall. It's magical, gives me that sense of warmth, joy; an internal strength. As it falls, I catch it with my tounge.. childhood memories come rushing in & I feel a sense of peace. I could stay here forever. Pure bliss. My emotions are so complex at this very moment, I, myself don't understand them. I look in the distance & see two people holding hands, & I begin to muse on love. I start singing a song to myself, "I'll be waiting for you baby, i'll be holding back the darkest night, love is waiting till we're ready, till it's right, love is waiting". Inspiration is given to me at this moment, & I take advantage of it. With inspiration, your heart is changed, for a brief moment, yes, maybe, but it is encouraging while it lasts. I ponder how my life will turn out.. when I will fall in love, what kind of opportunities I will be given, who will come in my life & who will go.. deep stuff. As i'm thinking about these things, I realize it has stopped snowing. My heart beats a little faster because reality has hit me & I know I have things to do. Being in that state of fantasy, being disconnected from the world for a couple of minutes helped me to mediate on some desires that were heavy on my heart. Do you ever stop to think? Stop to love? Stop to embrace? My expierence of stepping aside from the world & honestly, just being, is very vibrant. You never know what questions might be answered, or what truths might come to you. What risk would it be to try?

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